Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Back on dry land.

I'm used to the exciting life in the Atlantic, life on land is just not as fun. As much as I try and find exciting things to do each day, it begins to get tricky.

Take today for example. I received my deposit back from my uni house, so decided I could go into town and pay in the cheque. My bus journey was quick. Town was quiet. There was no queue at the bank. At this rate I was going to be finished within an hour. Something snapped inside my head as I arrived at the cashier's window, and for some reason, I decided to put my cheques back in my bag and pretend I wanted to close my account. The conversation went something like this:

Me: ''I would like to close my account please"
Cashier: "OK do you have your card with you?"
Me: "No, sorry" - (I do really. Its in my back pocket. I'm just bored.)
Cashier: "I'm afraid we can't close your account without your card"
Me: "Oh right. I don't have a card anymore I lost it out at sea"
Cashier: (smiles) "Hmm right ok, well you need to go back to reception and explain the situation to them"
Me: "Ok, will do, Thank you very much"

So I went to the reception. Spoke to a different lady, sat on a comfy chair, I couldn't help but giggle a bit at how funny the situation was, I kept forgetting I was the only person in on the joke. Anyway, before I realised that I hadn't really thought the situation through properly, I had closed down my entire account. Then I was told to go back to the cashier, hand in a slip, and there, just like that, I was given, in cash, the entire contents of my bank account.

I no longer bank with Natwest.

I have also decided I would like some free fashion advice, so I am sending this picture off to Trinny and Susannah:
I do hope they can help. I just never seem to get my outfits quite right.


Gemma said...

Oh I love the outfit!

Jac said...

Nothing wrong with the outfit as far as I can see...

Jac x

Mc Clarey said...

Well according to Trinny and Susannah I have a cornet body shape. Im not sure what to make of that. At least I look like a tastey dessert I guess it could be worse!

Andy said...

Even I can see that green knickers are soooooo last year!! lol xxx

Mc Clarey said...

hehehe andy!!! BUT the flower is definately in season

suzie said...

I love the pyjama pants touch, they are pj's aren't they?

Nat West left me with a very nasty taste in my mouth years ago, horrid horrid horrid!!

Anonymous said...

funniest blog i have ever read!!
well actually i havent really read any blogs they normaly bore me
love this xxxxx