Wednesday, 23 July 2008

News from the Atlantic...

As you can see from the above picture, I have been keeping busy in the Atlantic. Following on from my Madridian sweet stealing escapades it would appear the Madridian police were not happy at all. Not one bit. I received a telephone call instructing me to returin to Madridian with ALL the stolen goods, report to the police station, and await a formal interview. I was scared. I'd already eaten four. I did not want to be photographed, finger printed and strip searched.

So, with the help of my trusty shark Borris McKingstinian and my good friend, who, for the purpose of confidentiality, and to protect her from the Madridian police, will be referred to as 'Sammypops McCoxinian', I escaped.

This post is coming to you from the depths of the Atlantic, Borris McKingstinian is protecting me from those pesky dolphins. Our mortal enemy. I am trying to speed up my human - shark conversion surgery because I am not so well camouflaged.

In case anyone is worried about my friend 'Sammypops McCoxinian' she is scheduled in for mermaid surgery within the next few days.


suzie said...

Found ya!

Cheers for the offer of books hunni, will let you know. How come no hat when sharkriding.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog :-)

Congratulations on the degree - how will it help you become a shark though? My son loves the film shark boy and lava girl and would like to know if you have a fin??
Strawbz x

Mc Clarey said...

Suzie...its like a game of hide and seek!!! I need to get a pic of me and my self made hat, which will appear in my blog shortly!

Strawbz!! Im glad you like the blog, I do not yet have a fin, but I am currently awaiting my date from the plastic surgeon who will be attaching my very own shark fin to my back :D !

Im not sure how the degree will help, other than giving me the ability to blag my way into the ocean.

Im sure I've seen your son in the Papworth pharmacy attempting to steal the toys under the seats. He is a legend!!! :D

Emmie said...

Love you Shark-face! xxx

Mc Clarey said...

love you more emma mcharris!

Droll said...

Please tell me you get Discovery channel there. It's Shark Week this week!!

Mc Clarey said...

Oh my gosh...Droll I love you!!!!
I shall be avidly watching the Discovery Channel for the rest of the week. SHARKS. yay

Anonymous said...

He didn't attempt to steal them. He managed it perfectly well.
I'll be taking him along in a couple of weeks for more pilfering of germ infested plastic!

Audrey (Strawbz)