Friday, 18 July 2008

Spanish People...

They are interesting. Why is it that no matter how many times I said to them ''I'm English...I do not understand...'' they still insisted on speaking to me in Spanish really loud and really fast?! As funny as it was, it was a bit embarrassing and it did result in me and my friend, who, for the purpose of confidentiality, shall be known as 'Catrinder McWinder Wiffendorinian', to run out of various shops, hotels, and restaurants in fits of giggles.

Anyway, I was somewhat disappointed when I arrived at Madrid to find there was no seaside in sight! I just presumed all of Spain was coastal. And I did have it in my head as Costa Madridian. Geography's not my strong point. But I learnt that there is a palace and a cathedral there, and also that the Spanish people do not find it funny when you take photos of yourself next to the religious statues imitating their poses.

Another thing I have recently learnt is that big pads of A4 sized lined writing paper are called, and pronounced as 'refill' pads, and not pronounced 'rifle' pad. Why thought it was rifle I will never know. Why on earth did someone not tell me sooner?!

It also appears that my dabbling in petty theft at my graduation is beginning to get out of control. Our hotel had two little bowls of sweets on the front desk. I began by just stealing one or two at a time, but then, as I was leaving I couldn't help but empty the entire bowl of sweets in my bag. Twice. I panicked as I went through customs following the 'nothing to declare sign' knowing that I was in possession of stolen goods. If you don't hear from me its because the Madrid police have hunted me down and extradited me back for sentencing.


Chantelle said...

lol if you do get put in a cell i'll be your pen pal and tell you everything im doing that you cant hehe

hope you had a good time away and was the sweets nice or did you just nick them coz you couldnt stop your self lol


Jac said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog :-) LOL at the sweetie long as you didn't take the bowls as well then it's not too bad ;-)

Anonymous said...

Clarey mental es un ladrón

que buscó desde mi celda para que le debo una
I será su responsable adulto

Te quiero


Tinypoppet said...

ha! This is going on my list of blogs I check in on ;) Welcome to the world of blogging Sharky :P


BizzleBee said...

bwah ha ha, yes customs will most definately get you for that!

I got told off by security at the acropolois in athens for taking "disrespectful" photos. Chuh. I was stood infront of something...big and pillary with a cheesy grin and thumbs up? Disrespectful? hehe.