Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rocket Science

That's right...setting up a blog is like rocket science! For a person whose only decision shes ever made is that she wants to be a shark, there have been a lot of choices for me tonight. I started setting up this blog at 5. It is now 8.30. And yes, I do have way to much time on my hands.

The first tricky thing was figuring out how on earth people register these things. But signing up was the easy part. Then I was asked to name it. That took a while. I wanted a shark themed name, but then I thought people might think its just about sea life and never read. So I decided to trick readers into thinking its about a magical land, when really its all about sharks.

Then once I'd decided on a name I had to choose a background. That was not easy. There were loads to choose from, yet not one reminded me of a shark or a duck. So I went for pink. The colour of my mirror and epilator.

Then I clicked preview blog, and suddenly there was loads of posts! I thought, wow I AM good at this, I've blogged and not even known about it. But that wasn't true. It seemed to be a lot of helpful posts from 'Pete'. I don't know who 'Pete' or if I will ever find him again. But he showed me how to upload a pic. I couldn't decide on the right one, so you have a shark, I drew it all by myself. And a picture of me with my dessert.

Then I pushed the edit layout button. I wish I hadn't. I turned the entire thing black, then green, then pink again. At least I hope its pink. Where are 'Petes' posts when you need them?!

Ok well now you have the history of how this blog was created, I will leave you all in suspense for the next installment.

So far, within 20minutes of this blog being uploaded my profile has been viewed 1 time. I think that might have even been me.



Anonymous said...

Clare you nutter.

I have been blogging for yeaaarrrrs, about 5 years, on Xanga and LiveJournal.

When you get to the Atlantic Ocean, will you say hello to Nemo for me?

(from Jo)

Anonymous said...

Mclarey, you are a crazy and unique shark, no other creature in the ocean is a patch on you.


Jacqui said...

Lol Have just come across this blog. It's very amusing!