Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Bus...

The bus is a local city council bus. It smells of wee. I'm the only person that ever gets it, so I hope its not actually me that smells like wee.
Anyway, there are two bus drivers which alternate, both middle/old aged men.
So I get on I smile and politely natter away to them in the hope that they will drop me off outside my work instead of at the actual bus stop which involves a 10min walk. I have been making my skirts a bit shorter, and my tops a bit tighter and most days it works.
Today however, I rushed out of work in time to catch the bus. I almost had to run. When I got to the bus stop I relaxed a bit, and realised I had a wedgie. Stupid cheap asda knickers. So I take a look at the traffic. There's no-one there. But I'm in a mini skirt and tights...its not easy to 'fix'. Sadly I decided to be brave and go for a quick and sneaky pluck of the underwear. I turned away from traffic, did the deed, I fumbled a bit and lets just say it was neither quick nor discrete. Then I hear...BEEP BEEP BEEP. I turn around. Yep. Its the sodding bus. He pulls in, grins and says ''itchy... worms?'' I say ''no just cheap knickers'' and take my seat.
Here's hoping the nice flash of my sharky rear will give me free lifts every day.

I will keep you informed.

People at work don't seem to take me seriously, I've done my best to look intelligent...


blackmixen said...

LOL! I think I would die of actual embarrassment!

Mc Clarey said...

Hahaha well I did! BUT today I got dropped off right outside my clearly a bit of flesh was all it took to get door to door bus service :D !
I hope all is good with you :) xxx

Jac said...

Glad to hear that flashing the flesh worked hahaha!
Jac x