Saturday, 16 August 2008

*NEWSFLASH* - Happy 1millionth to Brad McHarrision. Brad Harrision is currently enjoying a fabulous party. A fabulous party for a fabulous, albeit slightly clumsy man :D.

Some of you may or may not be aware that I, Sharkypants, have recently started a new job. In an office, as an ''admin assistant'' at the regional headquarters of a charity. Or in other slightly less fancy words, I am a paper pusher!

I have now completed my second week, and so far it has gone fairly well, apart from a few minor issues, all of which happened yesterday.

I am still not entirely sure what I am supposed to do in the office. I have spent a large amount of time on solitaire, hearts, freecell. Not minesweeper, I have never understood that game. My boss on numerous occasions asks me if I am OK and if I need any help with my 'work'. I always say that I'm doing OK and I don't need any help (well solitaire is a fairly simple game). However, I am beginning to get concerned about the work they think I'm doing. I fear I may well be fired once they find out I am a fraud!

I had a meeting on Thursday. Everyone else took pens, paper etc. I took a Capri sun and an orange.

I was asked to file away some files on Friday. It was a relatively simple task. But I messed up. I panicked. They are now all hidden in my desk drawer untill I find out a solution.

I did some photocopying. But I hit a button by accident and it started churning out page after page of what appeared to be nonsense. I tried to push 'stop' but it didn't stop. When I left at 4.45 I went past the photocopy room and it was still going.

If there's nothing left of the amazon by Monday please do not send any angry tree hugging hippies to me.

I'm off for a relaxing Saturday night swim.

Toodle pips !

*Once again please note all names have been slightly altered partly for anonymity and partly because I like doing it*


Anonymous said...

ALWAYS take a pen and notepad, makes you look really efficient and it's a good opportunity to make shopping lists and general doodles.
Can't give you any photocopying advice unless it's about photocopying your bum. Hilarious.
If your boss asks you if you're ok again report him for harrasment immediately.
Um, think that's all my office advice. Hope it's helped.

Audrey xx

BizzleBee said...

I like to gradually fall asleep in meetings and drool a bit. Best to sit at the front whilst doing this for maximum effect. I hope you sucked on the last bits of your capri sun really loudly.
Photocopiers are evil, i always slightly panic whenever i use one.

suzie said...

Ahhh!! that takes me back to my office days, we used to have beany feasts and a tot of whisky in our coffee to start the day. The managers would often apologise for disturbing us if they wanted a bit of typing doing.

Sounds like nowts changed.


Emmie said...

We want a blog about the toilet seat falling off incident! ;o) xxxx

Mc Clarey said...

Hahaha thanks for that Emma.

The toilet seat was not my friend yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the birthday shout out, I feel like I am in the crowd at a radio 1 road show. Love you lil Sis, when are we going to see yu? Please answer this question right now!!!!!!!

Mc Clarey said...

Well brother brad.... if you or emma woukld answer you phones you might fine out :P !!!


Brad guess what happened...i deleted laods of files of the computer by accident im hiding behind my computer because im sensing that everyone is somewhat pissed of with me ! !