Sunday, 24 August 2008

A few disasters and some handy travelling tips.

I thought I was having a better 'office' week this week. Until Friday. I was the last to leave, and I was told to make sure I shut and lock the filing cabinets, turn off all the lights, turn off the radio, turn off the printer, shut and lock the windows, and set the phones onto answerphone only.

I did manage to lock the filing cabinets, but I have just noticed the keys are in my work bag and NOT the communal office drawer. wooops.

I shut the windows but couldn't for the life of my work out how to lock them. There were no keys, and if there was a lock it was bloody well hidden.

I couldn't put my phone on answerphone only. I tried. I really did. I even accidentally did last number redial and ended up speaking to a nice Irish man. The phones have probably been ringing all weekend.

I also couldn't find the 'off' button for the printer. Seriously I was pushing every button there but not one single one turned the damn thing off. I even tried to follow the wire so I could un-plug it. But I just couldn't follow it. The printer will be on all bank holiday weekend.

I was scared they would be a little cross with me on Tuesday, so I grabbed a post it note, and wrote a little message.... " I'm sorry, I couldn't handle it :( " I better get there very early on Monday and sort this mess out!

At least I turned off the lights and the radio.

That is all for today. I will leave you with some handy travelling tips I learnt this weekend. Enjoy the bank holiday Monday. I brought a cool new winter coat today so if I'm honest I'm rather hoping it snows.

1) When making a journey allow adequate preparation time, 45 minutes is not long enough.

2) When looking for the underground at Kings Cross do not wonder out of the station into a building site. There's no trains there.

3) ALWAYS check whether the tubes are going north or south, east or west. Simply following colours is not enough.

4) If you need the toilet, do it on the train because other wise it costs you 30p for the privilege.



Jac said...

LOL - well hopefully they will be so annoyed they will never leave you alone in the office again to lock up. This could have its advantages with regards getting away early ;-)
Hope the job is otherwise going well!
Jac xx

Emmie said...

OMG! Are you seriously telling me that you have conned them so succesfully into believing you are a mature adult that they actually gave you some responsibility?!!! That's SCARY!!!! Oh and you still haven't told us about the broken-toilet-seat incident...I'm on tenderhooks here!

I'm missing you lots and can't believe I missed your phone call again tonight when I was at stupid rehearsals again ARRGHHH!!! I have to wear a leotard and a silver top hat and silver shoes hahaha! You HAVE to come to watch the performance with my Mum and Dad! It's on the 13th, 26th and 27th of September. PLEASE COME!!!! Love youuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emmie said...

P.S I'm starting back on IV's tomorrow BOOOOO, so fed up about that. Oh and the latest saga on my STUPID RUBBISH port? They are going to have to get the surgeon back as its moving halfway across my chest when I move my arm. If he thinks he is opening me up again, he's got another think coming. I'll send you to deal with him this time ;o) No idea why I'm writing all this on your comments instead of emailing you, I think I'm just lazy! Will try to ring you tomorrow. HUGS xxxxxxx

Gemma said...

I can never sort things out like that either. once at my old job in a college I couldnt get the door to open as it was quite stiff, noone else was around so I had to go work in the library with all the students instead!

Mc Clarey said...

Hehehe Gemma, The other week I sat outside the office because the door was shut (its usually kept open) and I couldn't get in. Then someone from my office arrived and swiped a thing and opened the door. They asked why I was standing outside and I said I couldn't open the door. Turns out thats what the swipe card they gave me was for!!!

Mc Clarey said...

EMMIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your sodding port is shit! I'm going to ring you tommrow night after i've been swimming. I hope everything went well today. I'm also writing on here because Im too lazy to facebook message you! I might come down on the 13th perhaps, i think im free that weekend.