Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The time I got in the wrong car (!)

Yes folks, I have indeed fallen victim to the rare but still very traumatic 'I get confused which is my car syndrome'.

Let me explain... I had just experienced Point 3 from my petrol station madness post. So was, understandably, a little flustered. I'd parked at Tesco, gone to get a few bits and pieces in a rush, hurried back to 'my' car and decided to eat my sushi box before I drive home. I looked down and saw the gear stick, a really nice, sort of sparkly gear stick. Then I looked at my nice clean, somewhat bigger than I thought, dashboard and began to feel really quite satisfied with my car. My seat was comfy, my dashboard was large, there was a rather nice smell and I had sparkles on my gear stick!

So there I sat, munching away on my sushi and started to think about my life and how I clearly don't appreciate the things I have. Just as I was about to discard my sushi box onto my passenger floor I noticed something. The floor was clean...there was definitely something wrong. Something very very wrong. That was when it dawned on me, after 10 minutes of me re evaluating my life and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside knowing things clearly aren't as bad as I think, it turns out I'm not in my car at all.

Then I saw my knackered little Corsa parked next to this snazzy little number. I get in my car, discard MY sushi box on MY floor, and drive home safe in the knowledge that my car is in fact a shit heap, things are as they seem in my life and you can get sparkly accessories for gear sticks!


Megan said...

... how did you even open the other car door? Either the owners don't give a crap about locking it or you have a magic key.

Still brilliant! Xx

Tori said...

I was about to ask the same question as Megs!!

All is again well with the world :)


Mc Clarey said...

Interesting question Megan, I forgot to address that part in the blog...

I have one of those button things you press and magically your car opens (it's the first car i've ever had that does that!) so either my button is bloody powerful and can open any car door (i'm really hoping this is true!) OR the car owner, who I know was a woman because her ID card was in the car and I had a look, left her car open for any old idiot to sit in there by mistake and eat their sushi!

Ruth Jay said...

absolutely brilliant, love it love it love it.


Gem said...

HAHA! This is brilliant! I love it!!!

Emmie said...

Simply genius! Love you to the moon and back my crazy, nutty, bonkers little sis ;o) xxx

Anonymous said...

I've just been reading your blog, I'm a friend of JoJo's and I've got to say you are absolutely hilarious!

I think you should be a comedian!