Sunday, 14 September 2008

Calamity Clare

On Friday, I participated in some training at work called ‘Understanding Sight Loss Training’. It started off well. I learnt all about different sorts of sight loss and how it can affect the eye. I tried on some glasses which are a guide on what it’s like to have certain conditions.

Sadly though, it all went wrong in the afternoon ‘guiding’ session. There were three people in the training who were registered blind, and then the rest of us were people from all over the UK who had recently joined the charity.

Anyway they placed me with a nice chap, who I’m sure the person leading the training said was completely blind. Anyway I started chatting, began the guiding session, and as I began I thought it would be nice to have a natter. So I politely asked (since I was curious) how he’d lost his sight, and was slightly embarrassed when he said he was partially sighted and doesn’t actually ever use a guide as he can get around ok, you would have thought the fact that he was wearing the blackout eye mask thingy would give it away.

Then we approached the stairs. I went full pelt down the stairs forgetting to say about a handrail or where the first step is, nice chappy very nearly fell down the stairs.

Lesson learnt...stick with the office work or even better, the Atlantic.

Another lesson I learnt this weekend was that if you have a flat tyre the best thing to do is to change the tyre, not continue to drive home on it. Apparently that is very dangerous.

Over and out!


Emmie said...

Oh Clarey, you are priceless! The other option to dsicovering you have a flat tyre though is to phone your big brother and ask him to drive over to the 'borough and fix it for you ;o) Have they let you loose on the guidedogs yet by the way? xxxx

Gemma said...

Flat tyre? id ring my daddy up! hehe