Tuesday, 23 September 2008


A few weeks back, I started playing badminton after work. My work hires out courts and people play for a discount. I had a moment of madness, and agreed to go. I really could do with getting a little bit of exercise.

It has been a few years since I did any form of sport, because to be quite frank I’m terrible at all sports. Sport takes coordination; coordination is one thing that I simply do not have. I even managed to fall off my office chair last week, and my bum landed on the wheel part, I pretended it didn’t hurt but it did.

During my first week, I walked in, went to pay then asked if I could hire a ‘bat’. I also failed to get any of the shuttle things over the net, and every game I played I lost. The next day I bumped into a guy from badminton and he suggested I might want to wear something other than jeans.

So here I am, five weeks later and you know what, the only thing that’s improved is my terminology, I now ask for a racket, and I no longer wear jeans but today, for the fifth week running, I got hit in the head with a shuttlecock.

One final point, am I the only person that though Milan was in Spain?!


Gemma said...

is it in Italy? I would have said Spain too! I dont do sports either

suzie said...

You've made me want to have a game of badders now just to see if I'm still as rubbish at it.

Keep going hun, don't you know that once you get the terminology right, everything else just slips into place.....eventually.


Gemma said...

yes I have msn, my email is gemmaharrison85@hotmail.com if you want to add me xx

suzie said...

*Happy Birthday to you*

All the very best hunni, I hope you have a fab day.

Loadsa love.

Jobag said...

I thought Milan was in Spain too!!