Thursday, 13 November 2008

Belfast here I come

I'm off to Belfast on Saturday with my friend Catrinder McWinder Wiffendorinian; for all my long standing fans, this is the same Catrinder McWinder Wiffendorinian that I went to Madrid with earlier in the year.

And, as per usual, the organisation is shockingly poor. I was on the phone to Catrinder earlier and I had a few questions regarding the trip. Just some simple questions like... What time are the flights? What airport are we flying into? Where are we going to stay in Belfast? What time do we get back on Wednesday? It turns out, between the both of us, the only thing we know is that we have booked into a B and B somewhere in Belfast and we fly out there some time on Saturday. Tomorrow's lunch break will be spent ringing various B and B's in Belfast asking if we have booked with them, whilst Catrinder Mcwinder Wiffendorinian will try and sift through the emails to try and find our flight times.

Work has been a lot nicer this week, with no more important news that involves a mail merge of over 3,000 letters. I've also managed avoid guiding people which means that no one has been sat on the wrong chair, no one has been told were taking a right when were actually taking a left, and no one has had to ensure the most scariest guiding experience of their lives. They say practise makes perfect but in my case I'm not convinced.

I will leave you all with a picture of what happens to me after a bottle or two of wine....

Saturday, 8 November 2008

A Career change is upon me

Apologies to all my avid fans for the lack of posts, I'd like to say its because I'm a dancer in strictly come dancing, or because I'm a singer in x-factor, but in reality it's because I got completely bloody lost out at sea and couldn't for the life of me fine my way back home. I think leaving a trail of plankton was probably my first big mistake. My second mistake was not laminating my map before I set off to tackle my fear of those pesky dolphins. But alas. I survived so no real damage done.

I was at work last Friday, and due to some important information needing to be sent out asap, I had to fold and stuff over 3,000 letters into envelopes. It took ALL day, and to be perfectly honest, it almost broke my spirit. There's only so much fun which one can gain from paper folding all day long. So I then decided to imagine that I was sending out children's Christmas wish list to Santa, and it worked, because it suddenly made the task feel so much more worthwhile. Sadly the rest of my office didn't find my new thinking as helpful.

Well after my Friday of happy thoughts of Santa, I decided to head to my local shopping center and pick up an application to be a Santa's little helper in our grotto! I filled out the form and just before I went to hand it in, I spilt Ribena all over it. So then I had to go back for a second form, but at least I look enthusiastic.